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Bootleg Pinot Grigio 2003


When you can't see what's inside, don't buy it.

Most of the wine my wife and I have bought has come from five places: New York, California, Australia, Argentina, and France. So we decided to walk through the Italy section at the liquor store and look for something in our price range (usually $8-$12) and to be honest there just don't seem to be that many budget wines from Italy.

But we did see this interesting-looking group of bottles with a full-length plastic sleeve with a picture of a zipper on it. And it was enough to pique our curiosity. Interestingly enough, these wines had a look-ahead review in Wine Spectator awhile back about how their packaging was supposed to cater to younger buyers, so I guess that works for them.

I'll come right out and say it. I hated this wine. The only wine I've been more negative about was a bottle of Argentine Chardonnay which was a '99 and very corked.

The nose starts out fine, but once it's in your mouth it hovers somewhere between sour and bitter. If I wanted that kind of experience I would drink cheap gin and expect it. But with wine I want light and crisp, not Sour Apple Pucker. And it's only 12% alcohol. If it were, say, 14% it'd at least get you high quick enough that you'll overlook its faults, but no.

At first I thought the full-bottle graphic was cool and would keep out UV rays and stuff so it was clever. I've decided since then that any wine packaged so as to completely obscure its contents is trying to hide something.


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