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Abrazo Garnacha-Tempranillo Reserva 1999


Getting better with age...

Now that I'm getting into red wine, I'm starting to check out older vintages when they're at a decent price. Now, this feels to me like a crapshoot from the get-go. I mean, if it's a 1999 that's $10 now, what the heck did it cost when it was first on the market? But even so it seems worth a try now and then to see what we can get.

This wine, a Spanish 60% Garnacha/40% Tempranillo blend, is again fairly close to what I expected. It's not big like a Cab Sauv, nor is it overly bold like a Shiraz. It's mild but with a host of subtle characteristics that bloom in the mouth. The label uses the descriptor "velvety" and I can't disagree. Paired with something like pasta it works very well without stealing the limelight.


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