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Argentine Beef Cabernet Sauvignon 2003


Big and Beefy!

I have to admit that most of the wine we buy is based on label shopping. Interesting, unusual, or otherwise offbeat labels make up much of our first-time purchases. This has brought us to some very good bottles and some very uninspiring bottles. But given that I'm not more than ankle-deep into knowing regions and such it seems as good a strategy as any. And it's fun.

We've had a string of good successes with Argentinian Chardonnay so we've started looking for reds as well from that region now that I'm drinking reds regularly. Now that I've "discovered" Cab Sauv I've rapidly come to know what I like and what I don't like, and I have to say I like this.

It's big in the mouth without being overwhelming. It isn't terribly nuanced, which would seem like a detraction but in this case it's not. It's smooth and straightforward, which hides its 13.8% alcohol quite well. We paired it with a beef roast and gravy and it was an excellent match.


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